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17-27 September 2020

MakerFutures: Adventures in Sustainable Play

  • Hope

The project

Through this exciting blend of theatre and technology, children and families created their own adventures.

Researchers from our innovative School of Education collaborated with award-winning theatre company Khayaal to create this digital theatre experience, which combined storytelling expertise with innovative research on the role of play in children’s education.

Khayaal were brilliant at helping us to develop ideas for a play-based event and rose to the challenge of creating a range of dynamic digital content.

Dr Yinka Olusoga

The activity

We wanted families to have their own play adventure and so we sent out FREE maker kits with resources to support making and play.

The bits in the kit helped them to use things around their homes, such as old cardboard or recycling to make costumes, props and models to include in their adventure.

A Minecraft sword or a rocket to fly to the moon? A fancy light-up hat or a secret garden for your pet snail! It was their unique adventure and they could do what they liked. We also provided videos to guide them through the making process.

The ‘How To’ videos were accessible via our online portal through an app called Flipgrid. Here, users had the opportunity to share what they were making on the portal.

The Team

  • To read more on Dr Alison Buxton’s work, visit their staff page or follow her on Twitter @MakerEdUK

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