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17-27 September 2020

Nanocade: Light Journeys – Live Event

  • Climate Change
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  • Sustainability
Thu 17 September, 5:00pm 60 minutes

Dr Andrew Parnell and artist Paul Evans discuss the ideas, inspiration, art and physics behind Nanocade. Located within Futurecade, this ‘exhibition within an exhibition’ features artworks that allow exploration of a variety of mind-blowing length-scales, created during the artist’s extended residency within the Department of Physics and Astronomy.

The project

These exhilarating virtual artworks take you on a series of fantastic voyages, tracing the journey of light from the sun to various locations in time and space, on Earth.

The Light Journeys are the result of an extraordinary creative collaboration between physicist Dr Andrew Parnell, artist Paul Evans and the team at HumanVR. Through a process of discussion with Andrew, Paul was able to translate some astounding, abstract ideas into narratives. His sketches and storyboards formed the basis of each journey.

As Andrew himself has said, communicating quantum mechanics is notoriously difficult. A rare achievement then, and a chance to understand something that might otherwise have remained beyond our reach.

The exhibition is situated in Futurecade and is available to view online.

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