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17-27 September 2020

Wild-Edges – Podcast

  • Podcast
  • Sustainability
Sat 19 September, 10:00am 30 minutes

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The team behind the Wild Edges project talk about the landscape of Garden’s Edge in the Peak District’s Eastern Moors, exploring ideas of archaeology, wilderness and wilding.

The project

For Britain to be net carbon neutral by 2050, we’re going to need more woodland. About 70 per cent more, an area 15 times the size of the Peak District. Our landscape would be completely transformed. But how would this change affect us?

This immersive exhibition by artist Rachael Kidd, in partnership with landscape archaeologist Bob Johnston, explores ways artists and academics can help us to imagine this transformation. And prepare for it.

To accompany the art works, Rachael and Bob have also produced a podcast and collaborated on a short film about the project, which was based at Gardom’s Edge in the Peak District, with documentary maker Jess James.

The exhibition is situated in Futurecade, available to view both online and in person at the Millennium Gallery.