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Futurecade exhibit
Temporary Category for 2022
  • Exhibition
15th Sep 10:00am - 25th Sep 5:00pm

Event Central Exhibition

The Event Central exhibition showcases fantastic collaborations between artists and University of Sheffield researchers.
  • Exhibition
15th Sep 10:00am - 25th Sep 5:00pm

Futurecade Exhibition

Futurecade at the Millennium Gallery, is a space in which immersive technology, art and research collide.
Neon sign of a speech bubble around the word "hello"
  • Talk
17th Sep 11:00am

The Reaction-ator: Exploring Real-time Responses to Speech

A talk from Dr Chris Montgomery exploring what we think and feel as we listen to voices
abstract illustration
  • Talk
17th Sep 12:00pm

Kunststoff: Plastic – The Material of Art

Professor Anthony Ryan and artist Anthony Bennett will discuss sustainability, creativity and their collaboration on Kunststoff: Plastic - The Material of Art
image of material hat with writing on it
  • Talk
17th Sep 1:00pm

Yes, it’s Plastic, but…

Professor Joanna Gavins and artist Lynne Chapman will examine the thoughts, facts, beliefs and desires associated with plastics and environmentalism
photo of various plastic bottles and tuperware
  • Talk
17th Sep 1:00pm

Plastic: A Cheap Luxury?

Dr Rorie Parsons and artist Gina Allen will discuss the ideas and research that informed their mixed media exhibit, Plastic: A Cheap Luxury?
Neon sign of hotdog and project title Authentic Corpse
  • Talk
17th Sep 3:00pm

Authentic Corpse

Professor Peter Jackson and artist Anthony Bennett will discuss their collaboration on the Authentic Corpse exhibit
abstract image of coloured paint
  • Talk
17th Sep 4:00pm

An Artistic Journey to Describing Dementia

Dr Simon Bell, Sheffield Institute for Translational Neuroscience, and artist Kate Sully will talk about their project exploring experiences of dementia.
picture of 3 musicians playing a banjo, a violin and a guitar
  • Performance
17th Sep 8:30pm

Fay Hield

Returning to the live stage after a few years out, Fay Hield teams up once again with Sam Sweeney and Rob Harbron to tour her new album