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Climate Change
Off the Shelf
17-27 September 2020

Barometer of Life

  • Extinction

The Project

Adventurous artists Sylvia Causer and Sheila Wetton have teamed up with biologist Dr Gavin Thomas to highlight the plight of endangered species and the price we all pay when biodiversity is threatened.

As well knowing a thing or two about biodiversity, Gavin is the curator of the University’s Alfred Denny Zoological Museum, a treasure trove of weird and wonderful specimens, including some creatures you may never have heard of.

With Gavin as their expert guide, Sylvia and Sheila embarked on a project of painstaking detail, learning the science of bone, feathers and fur to produce a series of 30 closely observed drawings. These astonishing artworks bring rarely seen animals and birds to vivid life.

The illustrations

The team

  • For more information about Dr Gavin Thomas’s work, visit his staff page
  • For more information about the Alfred Denny Museum collection, visit
  • To see more of Sylvia Causer’s artwork, follow her on Instagram
  • To see more of Sheila Wetton’s artwork, visit her Facebook page

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