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17-27 September 2020

Future High Street: Experience Fargate

  • 3D/360
  • Hope
  • VR/AR

The project

The augmented reality experience in the Futurecade exhibition provides a fascinating glimpse into the near future, showcasing Fargate’s potential as a hub for cultural and creative activities.

The technology allows you to step into a future-Fargate, experience the look and feel of it and see how a creative approach could revitalise our city centre. As you stroll around this virtual Fargate, you can move around it 1:1 scale and view it as if it were really there. You can use the walk function to teleport around the model

Here you can see here a ‘fly-through’ video of the augmented reality experience:

The interactive 3D model of future-Fargate is also available to view from home on your PC, Mac or mobile device.

Note: experience is best on the Kubity Go mobile app

Fargate and Highstreet Masterplan

The team

  • For more information about Dr Bobby Nisha’s work in Urban Studies and Planning, visit her staff page
  • Matthew Hayman is a Development Officer for Sheffield City Council

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