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Off the Shelf
17-27 September 2020

AR’ City

  • Sustainability
  • VR/AR

What if we all had more of a say in our urban environments instead of having to accept what we’re given and adapt to it? What if young people were able to help shape the environment? Wouldn’t that foster a sense of ownership and responsibility?

AR’ City explores these questions in a hands-on way, using augmented reality (AR) technology to connect young people with issues in their communities and to empower them to come up with solutions.

This exhibition showcases some of the ideas that came out of this truly engaging project, including The Hungry Bin (it tells a joke every time it’s used) and the Urban Bleep Test that turns streets into opportunities for spontaneous physical exercise.

The AR’ City project

The event

Technology has changed everything over the past few decades from the way we work to the way we interact with each other, but can it really change how we see our city?

AR’ City thinks it can. AR’ City is a project run by the social enterprise AALFY in partnership with the University of Sheffield and tech organisations in Sheffield with the aim of using smart technology to improve Sheffield.

Our playful tech

Hungry Bins

Musical Chairs

What if our bins spoke to us?

To encourage people to use the bins more and prevent littering, young people from Sheffield suggested a bin that tells jokes in a Yorkshire accent.

What if when you sat on a bench, you were transported to a different place?

The city can be a stressful place, full of the sounds of traffic. Take a few minutes out of your busy day to enjoy a walk in the amazon or through a park in Australia.

Sheffield People’s Diary

What if the billboards, walls and bus stops were filled with messages from around the city?

Could the city be a canvas for a live debate or discussion? With the Sheffield People’s Diary you can be a part of a citywide discussion on a common theme, just by tweeting to a specific #.

The team

For more information about AR’ City and Aalfy’s work, visit or follow them on one their social media accounts:

With thanks to Dr Bobby Nisha and her team, AMEY, ARM, Live Works, the Moor Management,bo and the young people of Sheffield who helped make this project a reality.

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