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17-27 September 2020

Sheffield Carescapes – Podcast

  • Health
  • Podcast
  • Sustainability
Tue 22 September, 10:00am 45 minutes

Writer Akeem Balogun presents two short stories How Many Years? performed by Kate Wood and Reuben Johnson, and Comprehensive and Assistive Robotic Enhancer performed by Rose Gray and Sile Sibanda.

These stories were written for the ‘Sheffield Carescapes: Potential Futures for Caring Society’ project and were inspired by Dr Matthew Lariviere’s work on the future of care technologies and practices.

The Project

Care is in crisis. Austerity and staff shortages have placed increased burden on the care system. COVID-19 has placed further pressure on individuals, families and the care workforce.

The exhibition is a provocation to think about how we can support each other in Sheffield and as a society.

Drawing on recent research from Dr Matthew Lariviere, Centre for International Research on Care, Labour & Equalities (CIRCLE), on care; Akeem Balogun, Kate Morgan and Rob Richardson produced an audio-visual collection of ‘carescapes’, immersive stories and illustrations to evoke potential near and distant futures of a society focused on care and empathy.

The exhibition is situated in Futurecade and is available to view online.

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