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Futurecade exhibit
Temporary Category for 2022

Futurecade at the Millennium Gallery, is a space in which immersive technology, art and research collide, hosting projects that showcase the University of Sheffield’s research and collaborations with the region’s creative community

Futurecade, Millennium Gallery, Surrey Street

Opening times:
Monday–Saturday: 10am–5pm
Sunday: 11am–4pm
Late night opening on Wednesday 21 Sept: 10am–8pm

Closed on Monday 19 September for the Bank Holiday

photo of a butterfly with orange, brown and white wings standing on a green leaf
  • Exhibit

1000 Muses

A large-scale installation by Dr Nicola Nadeau, Luke Richardson, Daisy Chambers-Dubus and James Rogers, depicts butterfly wings across an altitudinal gradient in the Andes
abstract illustration
  • Exhibit

A Mirror It Does Seem

A new vision for premodern Japanese poetry by Dr Thomas McAuley and artists Alison Churchill and Roanna Wells
Image of Atlas holding up the earth and heavens, from William Cunningham, The Cosmographical Glasse (London, 1559), STC 4863.5, page 254, image 063906, used by permission of the Folger Shakespeare Library.
  • Exhibit

A Mirror of the Invisible: Shakespeare and Renaissance Science in the Modern World

Artworks by Gina Allen inspired by research from Dr Tom Rutter exploring Renaissance ideas about the universe and modern anxieties around climate change and disease
man with VR headset
  • Exhibit

A Spaceship Inside the Ear

The Hearing Research Group have developed a virtual reality experience to take the audience through a journey inside the ear
abstract painting
  • Exhibit

Can We Fly-less?

An immersive visual-audio exhibition that will help you to consider and respond to your own and others’ attitudes to flying-less
abstract illustration
  • Exhibit

Kunststoff: Plastic – The Material of Art

A 3D sculpture exploring the repurposing of plastic created by artist Anthony Bennett, inspired by research by Professor Anthony Ryan
  • Exhibit

Life Game

Cutting-edge conservation research blends with art and design to create two exciting, contrasting responses to mass extinction
abstract painting of a tree
  • Exhibit

Material Mourning

A creative collaboration between artists Joanna Whittle and Dr Jane Wildgoose, and Dr Lizzy Craig-Atkins
Materials Matter banner
  • Exhibit

Materials Matter: Sustainability for a Cleaner Planet

A computer-generated interactive experience reveals how new sustainable materials and processes are set to make a positive difference to our world
  • Exhibit

Over the Hill, Under the Covers?

Dr Sharron Hinchliff, Dr Stephanie Ejegi-Memeh and Gilli Cliff worked with Joi Polloi to create an immersive experience exploring sexuality through an age-related lens
photo of a buddha statue
  • Exhibit

Ownership and the Price of Empire

An immersive, interactive experience that explores the debates around the repatriation of ‘stolen’ museum objects implicated by Britain’s imperial past.
photo of various plastic bottles and tuperware
  • Exhibit

Plastic: A Cheap Luxury?

The Many Happy Returns project team and artist Gina Allen have created a mixed media exhibition that questions our view of plastic.
Neon sign of a speech bubble around the word "hello"
  • Exhibit

The Reaction-ator: Exploring Real-time Responses to Speech

Interactive installation exploring the hidden understanding of language
photo of flooded city landscape
  • Exhibit

Interactive Visualization Software for Flood Simulations

Interactive installation exploring real-world flood modelling.
Abstract image in electric pink and blue with the text 'Unseen Forms'
  • Exhibit

Unseen Forms: Water Music Suite

An interactive sound installation exploring the dynamics of our vital water supply networks
image of material hat with writing on it
  • Exhibit

Yes, it’s Plastic, but…

Interactive installation exploring our often contradicting thoughts, facts, beliefs and desires around plastics and environmentalism
cartoon drawing of peoples faces
  • Exhibit

Zoomshock: How Will Working From Home Change our Cities?

An animation created by Humanstudio highlighting research by Dr Jesse Matheson, Department of Economics, into the societal effects of remote working.
picture of a wooden humanlike form
  • Exhibit

Fungal Figures

A living sculpture exploring the links between people and fungi, the basis and endpoint of life on Earth.
Neon sign of hotdog and project title Authentic Corpse
  • Exhibit

Authentic Corpse

A collaboration between Professor Peter Jackson and artist Anthony Bennett based on research and interest in the cultural meanings of food
  • Exhibit

Imagining Technologies for Disability Futures

The Department of Computer Science, a group of engineers and designers have created a hands-on exhibit of cutting-edge robotics, prosthetics and assistive technologies.
A pair of hands holding a plant
  • Exhibit

The Biophilic Garden

An installation which explores the ways in which humans are naturally drawn to experiences of nature